Sunday, December 25, 2011

Zupe's Christmas Tree

Perhaps you noticed in the tour of his room that Zupe possesses a 365 day a year silver Christmas tree. He is too cool. And, so, for Christmas his Grandmother sent him a collection of decorations to "do up" said tree.

But, that tree was never designed to hold up a substantial ornament. Something had to be done.

And, that something was to buy him his second Christmas tree. (Five dollars! Bargain!) He had to share this tree with the rest of his family. And, at the end of the season this tree had to go back into its little box to wait until the next holiday season. On the plus side, his tree got to wear our pre-Zupe ornaments including the kookaburra tree topper.

(You may have noticed the beautiful Christmas stocking. It came from Ohio, too. Lacking anything like a real fireplace, we chose to hang the stocking next to the air conditioning unit. It seemed like the perfect spot for a summer Christmas PLUS it IS a reverse cycle unit - our source of heat come winter!)

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