Monday, January 20, 2014

It's a brand new year - so let's wrap up the old one….

I get so excited about the new year… the buying of a new calendar, a new date book, maybe a new pen… resolutions, a do-over. The time is rife with possibilities! I even start thinking of getting some Christmas cards out. This year I felt particularly ambitious. Maybe it was all the difficulties and losses of the last two years. Maybe it was jet lag. I was giddy and ambitious and remembering when Mondays used to be my favourite day of the week. (Yes, really - for the same reason - you never knew what wonder laid ahead.) Anyway, I thought I'd get back on my qi gong horse, fix up my diet, get on a "photo a day" program, write my blog, write old friends, clean off the table, get a new desk, clean the shower…. Nothing has really gelled - yet. But, I do not despair. Tonight, I will start cleaning up 2013. I will start at the end of the year and maybe later I'll attack the 42 draft entries that lie in wait. Tonight we begin with the 12 days of Christmas. (I must admit to being a bit anxious about this project - I think it is because my outline only contains 10 days!)

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