Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

From January 1, 2014
my mother said to me
the time has come
to put up the tree!

From January 1, 2014
We were concerned how our short man would handle a tree with decorations and so my mother decided not to "put up a tree". That really meant not to use breakable ornaments or to put up a tree in the living room. There were, however, three trees in the foyer and countless small trees adorning mantels, and tables, and window sills (oh my!). We were not suffering from a deficit of holiday color!
From christmas 2013
Zupe did really well with the trees and hardly ever took the golf ball ornament off my "father's" tree to hurl it across the room. (But, could you really blame him? It WAS a ball.)
From January 1, 2014

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