Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

From January 1, 2014
I decided I really wanted to take photos of trees that stand alone in fields. I also wanted to get my shopping done. In fact, I wanted the latter first. It was on the drive between Versailles and Piqua - with my mother driving and the forecast calling for white-out conditions - that I was inspired to want the tree photos. I tried taking some shots through the closed car window (my mom thanks me for that) while driving probably less than 55 mph (road conditions). Remember, I was not doing the driving.
From January 1, 2014
This shot, you'll note, lacks the solitary tree motif which was the whole point of the entry. But, I wanted to share with you what I discovered and loved as a kid traveling the country roads between my house and my grandparent's farm. Anywhere you looked, in the back of that field that was fronting the road, there was a forest. Maybe they aren't "real" forests, but only moderate stands of trees. The point was that even though they were not physically contiguous, they formed a ring around any place I was. The frontier of Ohio stands on the edge of the present day.

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