Sunday, May 17, 2015

More for Maeve

More of Mighty Maeve

Mighty Maeve, Mighty Maeve, what will you make?
An splendiferous house made entirely of cake!
Or maybe a bus that is fueled by dog farts,
Or a salve that will mend all the world's broken hearts.

Mighty Mave, Mighty Maeve, what will you dance?
A little soft shoe with a mime straight from France!
A two step, a waltz, a cha-cha-cha-cha!
I will dance every dance for my precious Mama!

Mighty Maeve, Mighty Maeve, what will you sing?
A green dragonfly with a gossamer wing
He will buzz past the pond while the bull froggies croak
With a wee little fairy wrapped tight in his cloak.
Tadpoles and cat tails
Fireflies glow
Giant moon moths
Soft breezes blow.

The mirror

Mermaids at the seaside
Fairies at the brook
Ogres under bridges
Come on, take a look!

Rhinos playing croquet
Lions playing jacks
Llamas knitting sweaters
Monkeys playing sax

Zebras running circles
Cars are stalking moose
Mice are dancing waltzes
Cows on the caboose

Look into my mirror
What wonders you will see
Imagination miracles
Your mind can set you free

Lily's playing dress-up
Mommy's sipping tea
Daddy's taking photos
What would you like to be?

Close your eyes and see it
Hear, touch, smell the day
The journey to your future
Beings in just this way.

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