Saturday, February 10, 2007


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The thing I find MOST difficult about living in Australia (at least today- now that I've mastered driving on the left. My button, "I can drive to the mall by myself", is still on backorder, however.) is that I seem to have to share my home with creatures NOT of my choosing. Primarily, I live with spiders (which have never been my favorite), rats (I used to like rats and still do in cages), geckos (definately my favorite next to Zelda), and ants. Ants are just annoying. It doesn't seem to be like living in the US where they come in looking for food. Here, they just come in. We have three ant parades going regularly and they all feature different ants. There are the window ants. They swarm over the wall under the window in the stairway. Never has there been a morsel of food dropped there. They're just fodder for the spiders, but still they troop on and on and on and on. Then there are the GREAT BIG ants that travel up the corner of the bedroom. Huh? And, they do it at night. Thats just wrong. But by far the most annoying are the toilet ants. That bathroom is already a problem with the shower leaking into the game room. Still, it is spacious and it USED to be relatively private. No more. Aghhh. You can't see in the picture but there is a drain in the floor. It drains out onto the world. Currently, it has a tin of clams over it. No matter. They find their way in.

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