Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cricket - England 240 New Zealand 225

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I think that was the end score. I think I know something about the game, now.

Kevin and I went after work Tuesday to The Gabba to see our first cricket game. New Horizons had exchanged some training for 10 tickets to 2 events. Tickets in the Champions Room. Wow! Wow! if nothing more than for the spread! Good eats! and plenty of it. If only we were drinkers, we'd REALLY have been happy campers. The room is spacious with a large window overlooking the field at a really fine elevation. I wonder if the glass is "fixed" so to somewhat magnify the images on the other side. The players looked almost life sized! I didn't know the etiquette associated with such venues, so I didn't take any photos in the room. Damn. But, we spent a good part of the game enjoying the lovely evening outside watching from something approaching the nose bleed seats. Hence, today's photograph.

Anyway, cricket is an unusual game and makes me wonder whether baseball evolved from the game or if humans are just genetically moved to create games where balls get hit with sticks. It is almost enough to make me google the origin of baseball- or at least contact my friend Jeff Stahlman who I'm sure knows. In the shower I was pondering the question and trying to understand the motivation of Abner (Doubleday). Was he a frustrated cricketer? Did he long for his chance to bat?? Did he find spending hours/days even in the outfield running back and forth from one side to the other after each over to be tedious? Did he want to see more as he ran from base to base? Or, was he just looking for a reason to use the term "grand slam"?

I had a fine time and I might try to explain the game sometime- but not today. Count me in for any future excursions- I'm glad to go back ANYTIME to see the last 3 hours of a game!


C Maryon said...

Was this a one-day or limited-over match? TOTALLY different to a test. A test is five days long and there have been tests where NOTHING has happened.

I quite enjoy one-dayers and limited-over matches, more exciting.

NNV said...

It was not a test match. It lasted one day, but I don't suppose that is enough to identify as a one-dayer. The last hour was much more exciting with lots of "outs"... though I got a bit bored with watching everyone run in (with less and less enthusiam) for a big High Five after each out.