Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I can't let it drop

Nothing really new about that, I guess.

But, this is a country in which at least three games are called "football". Maybe 4 - but none of those are American football which is "gridiron" or maybe that is "grid iron". Where does that come from...? Anyway, why isn't cricket a ballgame? There's a ball. It's a game. I can see how golf isn't a ballgame since it is not a team sport. And, tennis. But, cricket? Too much time in the sun, I'm thinking.

"Let me be the reason for lonely sleepless nights..."
listening to Joan Armatrading. You know, I saw her live. In Cleveland HEIGHTS. That's like, she was in my back yard! How did I end up here......



C Maryon said...

This is a very interesting point. I'm absolutely clear that cricket is not a ball game, but I cannot express what it is about it that ensures it is not.

Oddly enough I wouldn't say football (of any of the five sorts I know of, counting rugby as one) is a ball game either. I suppose it is too deeply ingrained in me that the phrase "ball game" means baseball. American football (I think "gridiron" is a uniquely antipodean expresson, but prove me wrong) is "the game" as in "I'm going to the game" whereas rugby and soccer are "the match." Indeed cricket can also be "the match." "Did you see the match" could mean any of at least rugby, soccer and cricket, and possibly (down here in Aus and NZ) netball. Which is also not a ball game.

Is hockey a ball game?

Nope, I give it up.

NNV said...

Cathi- Isn't language interesting. "At home" I could say "He's at the ballgame" and mean he's at just about any team sport involving a ball- baseball, football, basketball; but not hockey. That's a puck, you know, and a puck- hmmmm- I guess it isn't a sphere or distorted sphere. Of course, I've never actually had to tell anyone that someone I knew was a hockey game. Oh, and now you add the complexity of "matches". Sigh.


C Maryon said...

Ha. I'm not talking about ice hockey, I'm talking about proper hockey, ie hockey, which outside the US is called hockey :) and which is played with a Ball on a Field with a Stick.

Sort of like cricket and baseball, except everyone is on the pitch with their stick at the same time. I now have a wonderful image of baseball and cricket teams all batting at once and running about :) In hockey there is only one ball though :) And goals :) Just to mix up our ball game common items a bit more.

NNV said...

Oh Cathi! I have NO idea what this game is- but thanks to you and my AU experience, I'm sure it isn't a "ballgame". I guess I'll have to google it. Sounds maybe like polo without ponies?