Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Clues, clues, clues, clues

Thought I'd give you a little help with the find the Ann puzzle.

The year: 1976. One of those numbers will help you longitudinally.

The place: The OHIO State Fair competition.

The program: some military tattoo- I've forgotten the full name, but I bet I could still play part of it. Give me a bottle, I'll blow across it. Followed by, you guessed it! Van McCoy's "The Hustle". We probably looked a lot like the prisoners in the video- only less orange. Finally, "No Man is an Island".

I believe we scored a 2- which won't help you much unless you square it.

Now, from the top....... "Do the Hustle!"

P.S. I wonder what effect enforced line dancing has on crime recidivism? I wonder if they have dance in women's prisons? It is probably too hot in the Phillipines for me, anyway.

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