Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finish this phrase.... BUY ONE GET ONE

From singles 2

Buy one get one _ree. See, I gave you a hint.

Recently, Kevin and I went grocery shopping. It was a big deal. It was the first time we'd been shopping since the red dragon returnethed. It could be a "more than you can carry" experience. I was in need of a couple supplement essentials and was pleased to see them with special stickers on their tops.

Fast forward to standing outside the store. Kevin says something like "The Pentagon spends less for groceries" and starts reading over the receipt. "What's this? 700billion dollars for vitamins?"

So, I rip the page out of his hand to show him my big savings. (It could have been $1.4 trillion.) But, no. I was charged for EVERY BOTTLE.

Furiously, I dig through the bags. (We're still standing with our cart right at the exit of the store.) Pull out a bottle explaining, "I had to look through the bottles on the shelf to find the ones that were marked with the special stickers on the top. We've been overcharged."

And, then my mouth dropped.

Kevin and I are now the proud sponsors of trees in Tumut, NSW.

You're welcome.

(I'm looking at the post labels and thinking I really need another one that says something like "my march to senility".

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