Saturday, October 25, 2008

On the Seventh day of Halloween: AKA I married a Zombie

Kevin's zombie obsession dates back to the final quarter of the last century. When I first met Kevin he had already watched "Night of the Living Dead" something like 47 million times. His goal was to be a part of the next Romero zombie flick, "Day of the Dead". Because I do things like this, I decided to help him.

Kevin and I created a zombie portfolio complete with resume, references, and photographs. Included here are some of the photographs. We had some very cool zombie ideas: the priest zombie, the punk zombie (dead with oozing ketchup blood), and even the "wild and crazy guy" zombie. (That dates us!) My roommate, Robin, helped out as zombie fodder.

And, both Kevin and I did get to be extra zombies in "Day". Kevin even scored a couple of frames of screen time!

For any other zombie-loving boy the story might have ended here. But no. Recently, my zombie-loving man found an opportunity to once again become a zombie. This time in the comic book "Walking Dead". Once again, I took zombie photos for Kevin. They weren't very good. We didn't invest in blue face make-up or tearing of real flesh. But, then, all the artist needed was something from which to draw Kevin into the story: the glasses and the "I'd rather be playing Cosmic Encounter" t-shirt do that very nicely.

And, in keeping with the title, it must be said that Kevin and I did try to get married on Halloween in 2003 - but my father had a medical appointment and since he was 1/7th of the guest list, we decided to schedule it later in the year.

For the record- Kevin is not the first in our family to find himself in the pages of a comic. A hybrid Ann can be found in Harvey Pekar's "American Splendor: Our Movie Year".

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