Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bagels, bagels, bagels

From Singles 2010
Sorry to interrupt this catch up on Ohio but real life intrudes. It is time to review the Australian bagel.

Thank you, John. You are always gracious about directing us to what we are missing. Unfortunately, in this situation we have different preferences in bagels. Kevin and I checked out the cafe you suggested on Saturday and ordered both a bagel sandwich and a half dozen nude bagels to take home. They were hot. That's the nicest thing I can say.
From Singles 2010

The bagels were more like very heavy buns (meaning sandwich buns). They lacked the elasticity, chewiness, and mouth appeal that I desire. The cinnamon raisin bagels only weakly tasted of cinnamon and lacked any full, juicy raisins.

Do not despair. It is not necessary to travel to the US. You can get a very good bagel in Christchurch.
From New Zealand


Andrew said...

I was just about to ask for an update to see if we had foolishly been missing out on bagels our entire time in Brisbane.

NNV said...

You may have been happy with the bagels. They seem to have a good buisness.

I was extremely impressed by the "Tea House" up the street where you can buy pancakes with maple syrup (only on Sunday mornings) for $16.95!!!!!!!!!!! How can I get some of that buisness? Obviously this country needs a visit from Aunt Jemima!

Friendless said...

I've only had "real" bagels once, and they were better. If I find anything closer I'll let you know.

NNV said...

I'll keep you up to date, as well. I love the pullllll and snap of elasticity in a good bagel!
I sometimes wish I was a cooking sort of person who could bring the foods I miss to Australians. It could be my mission.

C Maryon said...

I'm amazed you found good bagels in Christchurch. NZ bagels are rolls with a hole in the middle.