Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ohio in April - Travels

From Ohio Spring!
I'm still struggling to catch up! Fortunately, at least for this blog, the two weeks I've been back in Brisbane have been work, work, work, work, work, work, work. And, a lot of work.

Kevin and I went for our annual Ohio spring-fest. I had thought it would hard for me to get time off again, but with the Easter holidays I only had to miss 3 work days. I figure anyone can do without me for three days. (Some people would even pay for that honor!)

So, we left on Wednesday arriving at the International Terminal (Thank you, Jane) about 2 hours before our flight (V-Australia). The line was long and very, very, very slow. I had a couple of phone calls I wanted to make so I ducked out of line.

But, I couldn't find a phone. I found a phone like structure, with a hand set and a number pad and a spot I could put money in...but it was really just some one's piggy bank. (Drop in 50c. Dial number. Phone rings or doesn't but eventually a message comes up saying the party is unavailable. And, the money is gone. Repeat. Repeat. No more change.)

When I came back the second time, I found that we had advanced really far and the American woman we'd been talking to in line behind us was gone. It seems after waiting about an hour in line she figured out this was not the Qantas line and left! As did the party in front of us!! We are learning it is important to read beyond "Los Angeles".

Eventually we got checked in and given special VIP get-through-screening-quick passes - since our flight was scheduled to depart in less than 30 minutes. I wish it sounded less lame, but I was so anxious about this flight that I wouldn't stop to use a toilet in the airport. Of course, we were not the last ones on the plane AND the plane did not take off on time. Still, we were eventually airborne sitting in the front row of a section and wondering where we could stash our magazines and headphones and blinders.

The flight was fine. As always, I selected a couple of not so great movies to watch. (Did I just say, "not so great"? No matter how much you loved "Napoleon Dynamite", do not, I repeat, do not think you need to see "Gentlemen Broncos".)

We had about a 5 hour layover in Los Angeles. This is always the hardest part of the trip - both ways. I'm tired and afraid if I fall asleep I'll miss my connection. Big thank you to Don for trekking out to LAX for a visit!

The flight to Cincinnati was packed. Kevin and I were not able to sit together which was fine since we both spent most of the flight sleeping. The only real point of interest was this odd little man with Jimmy Stewart's voice dressed in blue scrubs. Was he on his way to save a life? Did he have an extra kidney in his carry on bag?

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