Friday, March 16, 2007

And now for something completely different

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Seems I've been emphasizing the natural side of Australia- landscapes, wildlife, toilet ants... and haven't yet shared any of the art- at least not for a long time. I've been intending to collect a sample of the wonderful utility boxes that are painted by local artists in locally appropriate images. (You can see two - one from China town and one across from a big church/cathedral- I think- April 4, Signage). I could also explore the sculpture and architecture. But, today, it is graffiti.

Brisbane has MORE than its fair share of standard graffiti- you know the scrawled writing that you can't really make out and are pretty sure you aren't missing anything intereting. There's even some on our mailbox! The thing about this graffiti that amuses me to no end it that it is all created by folks who wear dorky uniforms to school. (But that- shcool uniforms- is a different blog ALL TOGETHER.) There is one alley in Fortitide Valley that I am particularly fond of. It is beside a travel agency, I believe. And, not sure what else. I'm certainly not aware of who is wielding the spray can or the glue bottle or even the silly string. There is more great street art in FV than just this particular alleyway; I'll include some of that later.

Photobucket will only let me put 10 images in a slide show.

I haven't been back to my alley this year yet. What new wonders have been added...? Maybe I can schedule a visit on Tuesday.


S. Halfacre said...

Greetings Ann & Kevin - the graffiti is very interesting - different than the some of the urban expressions you see here (where there is more done with text than pictorials). There are a few in your sampling I really like - they have a tribal/spirirtual feel (which actually are probably culturally influenced) - really unique!

Thanks for sharing - the images of Australia are like eye candy!

S. Halfacre

NNV said...

Very glad to share. I'm pleased you've enjoyed them.