Monday, March 19, 2007

Is it because I grew up in Versailles?

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Poultry and egg hub of the midwest. Home of the annual "Poultry Days" celebration- - including Miss Chick and ultimate frisbee and a peck of shriners. Anyway, does anyone else really consider which egg to crack? Do you use the eggs from the left side to the right? or go for a more balanced approach so the box isn't lopsided and risk it tipping out of your hand when the top is closed and you're half asleep? Maybe I have too much time on my hands. Good thing the floors need washing today.


C Maryon said...

I don't do it with eggs, but I do it with other things, like chocolates in a box, or pens in a desk-tidy.

A guy I used to work with once said to me "you know when the computer says 'press any key' - which key do you press? It depends on my mood, sometimes it'll be k for 'key', sometimes I'll go wild and press a key I haven't used for a while"

We're all at it.

S. Halfacre said...

Hey Ann - Are those Easter Eggs???? :)

NNV said...

Laughing, Cathi, at your devil may care attitude about pressing keys!

And, Stewart- I guess these are St. Patrick day eggs. I do buy pretty eggs here in Brisbane!


C Maryon said...

It wasn't me, it was him! I always press spacebar because I have no imagination