Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Another superhero discussion

Kevin and I went to see "Iron Man" last night after work. He told me to be prepared for 2 hours of "awesomeness"-- at least as rated by 94% of reviewers. I was dubious. I have a hard time imagining that awesomeness can be extended over 90 minutes.

What can I say? We enjoyed Robert Downey Jr. and the suit and the technology (computers, robots) in Dr. Stark's lab- But, awesome? And, the tease that the scene at the end of the credits was "the best ever"- no one or no thing can live up to that kind of hype.

What was more interesting to me was Kevin's answer to which superhero he wanted to be. Wonder Woman. He likes the bracelets.

Then he fessed up. He really wants to be Superman. He told me that everyone wants to be Superman.

Me? I'm not the superhero type- I prefer Fox Mulder or Vic Mackey or Jack Bauer or Kay Scarpetta... but I am willing to take a ride in Kevin's invisible car- if he can find it.

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