Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fatality Free Friday

May 16.

Get ready. It's a big ambition. 2008 is year 2 of this national Australian program. Last year Queensland was successful- but NSW and Victoria- gee - not exactly team players. Now, I'm not sure if my goal is primarily not to be killed or not to kill someone, though I am sure that it is only applicable when in a car. Probably the car must be moving.

As I said, this is year two. Last year- across the nation there were 6 fatalities. The national average for a Friday is


Now, I'm not saying the idea of a fatality free Friday is stupid. But, I am suggesting that, in general, most drivers (Australian and otherwise) do not enter a car and commence driving with a devil-may-care, nonchalant attitude about either dying or killing someone. In fact, I'd put money on my belief that most drivers are always entering the highway with the goal of arriving back home unhurt- let alone undead.

There I go: zombies again.


Friendless said...

Haven't you noticed that if you're doing the speed limit many drivers will do ANYTHING to get past you so they can exceed the speed limit? It perpetually amazes me.

NNV said...

We weren't on the road on Friday. Did you notice these "gottabeinfront" drivers were driving more cautiously?

Business Communications Management said...

Good morning NNV,
Thank you for posting on Fatality Free Friday. We appreciate your support. I'd like to take the liberty of grabbing an extract - with full attribution - for our next newsletter (out Friday).

Kind Regards,
Jacqui Carling-Rodgers
Business Communications Management
Fatality Free Friday foundation partner.

NNV said...

That is fine, Jacqui.

Best success.