Friday, May 23, 2008

Darwin C


7 AM we boarded the van along with our traveling companions from Ontario. (We had met them at the Indo-Pacific Marine. We don't know their names- but we keep turning up at the same places.) Kevin and I are pleased to find that we are not the oldest people on this tour. We come very close to being the youngest! Woo Hoo! Go Youth Shack!

Our first stop is the Fogg Damn wetlands. At the end of the dry season there are hundreds of thousands of birds here. That would be cool! That would be October. Still, it is glorious seeing all those egrets and geese and water lilies and cat tails...even a wallaby and a croc! (By the way, the croc is in the photo....Just on the shore at about 1:30.)

Next- the jumping crocodile cruise down the Adelaide River. Yes! As our boat glides down the river the local croc's come swimming over for their every-third-hourly hunk of pork. The croc feeder hangs the meat on a piece of string suspended from a fishing pole like structure. First, she slaps it on the surface of the water to attract
. attention.* Once the croc is focused and zeroing in on the tidbit, she raises it out of the water. The croc gets into position then raises out of the water to snap at the meat- which our guide has pulled up even higher and out of reach. Each croc must jump at least twice. I think that is in their contract. On the way back the croc feeder becomes a kite feeder and tosses bits of meat into the air for the kites to catch mid-air. She is a bit nervous about this- afraid of being sliced open by their talons.

Don't be afraid to tell us "you don't believe your eyes". We were told that would happen to the people back home.

Lunch. Kevin and I make the same salad- without any communication. Lettuce-less.

Finally- Litchfield Park. Termite mounds. Water falls. Swimming in beautiful clear water pools that have been deemed free of "salties".

*This was Zelda's addition. She has a new trick- jumping onto the desk and typing.

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