Sunday, May 04, 2008

An account of the body

Yes. Still. Really.

Also, let it be known that I am officially, as far as ultrasound technicians are concerned at least, a very small person. That was the verdict based on my "outflow track" at Friday's echocardiogram. In addition, I have a small amount of tricuspid regurgitation. We'll see what the health system of Australia makes of this.

I am a bit concerned that even though they "should" say, "Hey, no big deal", that they will find multiple ways to make it outrageously difficult for me. I kept offering the kind folks at the Mater Hospital the letter written by the health department and they kept turning it down. No. They didn't need that. No.

"Do you need to see my identification?" I asked the technician as I was getting ready to leave following the procedure- and hoping that my driver's license would suffice since I had run off without my passport.


"Don't you need to know that I am really the person you were supposed to be echoing?"

"When I called your name you immediately got up and came with me."


Somehow, I suspect they'll eat up my day off next week. My money is on the option that they will want to filter the ultrasound report through another $100 doctor's visit.

Kevin thinks I am just being cynical.

And, I must admit that overall I am feeling cynical and anxious and depressed lately. I'm calling it "spring withdrawal". Or, maybe, "going on week two of this stupid cold".

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