Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Missing another cool event

Normally, I'm missing my favorite musical performers. This week, however, I'm missing my opportunity to (once again) make history!

First, let us step back. I am thankful that Kevin informed me that this was the Buddha's birthday celebration weekend at South Bank.

Buddha Birth Day Festival 2008
2 – 4 May 2008
South Bank Parklands

Come along and bring the family to the 12th annual Buddha Birth Day Festival at South Bank. There’s heaps to see and do with 300 performers, two performance stages, children’s amusement area, lots of delicious vegetarian food stalls, an art exhibition and various workshops.

I inserted that quote as a bit of a thrill for non-Australian readers. "Heaps". For my Australian readers- in the US you'd only hear the adjective "heaps" on some black and white film made in the 40s or 50's and then it would be by some corny, teenage or slightly younger boy. Heap is more commonly a verb. "They continued to heap on the abuse."

But, I'm getting off topic.

Each morning at 7:45 they are having free Tai Chi classes. Great. Except I'm WORKING. Still- I have Friday off...and on Friday they are hoping to have the largest Tai Chi class in the Southern Hemisphere!!!! Oh boy! Oh boy!

But, alas. My long awaited echocardiogram is scheduled for that morning at 8 AM!

I will have to be satisfied with my efforts as a freshman at OSU in helping to set a world record for largest game of musical chairs.

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