Friday, April 25, 2008


We're on a museum high. Yesterday's visit to the Guggenheim was better than I could have imagined. And so, off to spend Wednesday afternoon in the Museum of Modern Art.

Entrance fee. $20. But, get this, there is NO prohibition against taking photographs. If only I had a working camera!

Because the strategy had worked so well for us the day before, we started on the sixth floor. We had less than 4 hours to do the MoMA. How painful.

Anyway, the first image we saw was across from the first floor elevators. Grayson Perry's "Map of an Englishman". We thought we had to get a copy of that for Steve in Brisbane. Alas, that is not possible.

On the sixth floor was a fabulous exhibit about science, technology and design: Design and the Elastic Mind. We spent quite a bit of time- looking, reading, saying "wow". I can't begin to recall EVERYTHING. I'm not sure I'll even remember the best bits- but here are a few. "Victimless Leather"- a tiny, leather coat growing inside a vial. A simulated garden - silhouettes of grasses and flowers projected onto your wall. They wave gently in response to measurements of the actual breeze outside. They grow relative to the water and light that is measured outside. They supposedly reproduce and send seedlings to start growing "on" other walls- though Kevin and I believe you'd need a second projector to see them there. Multiple, interesting solar panels and solar lights. A devise that measures the rate of tail wagging of your dog and translates that into language. (Zelda doubts that humans would ever program into this device the exquisite level of sarcasm that many dogs (non-labs) possess.) A light wall that "reads" the shadows that are cast and creates an appropriate sound accompanyment. The exhibit was very, very cool- spend a while looking at their web site. It is all there!

We, in no way, had enough time to really appreciate the volume of art that remained - lets see, that would be 5 and 1/2 floors! It was like flipping through a great art catalog. Run! Run! Run! There goes "Starry Night". Quick! Over there! "Christina's World". An ocean of water lilies. Picasso. Picasso. Picasso. Kevin was sorry that Dali's "The Peristence of Memory" was off exhibit. We were both suprised how much we enjoyed Jasper John's "Flag"- up close and personal. A special to-do for museum members meant that the photography gallery was closed. Sigh. But, as it turned out, I didn't have extra time. I want to go back.


Anonymous said...

Tell Kevin The Persistence of Memory is in Florida, apparently (

NNV said...

Thank you, Cathi!