Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I think I am going to live

You have, no doubt, been wondering what fascinating tidbits you've been missing from Australia while I've been recapping our Northern Hemisphere exploits. And, while there has been work and gaming and a national holiday (Anzac Day- Friday 25 April)- there has been, at least for me, much, much, much mucous. Also, coughing, muscles aches, and fever. Already on Monday of last week- just fresh off our trip- I was saying to Kevin that I felt like I might be coming down with something. Like any good virus, however, it waited until my day off to set in with any fervor. That would have been Thurs. And, said Anzac Day on Friday. Then, a work day, Saturday. You get the picture. I only worked about 2 hours on Monday. But, then by Monday evening I could start to feel the cloud lifting. Tuesday I felt weak but almost human- though I didn't exactly sound like one.

Today is Wednesday. I still can't sleep through the night without taking breaks from sleep for some good non-productive coughing. A paroxysm! There! I said it! But, I do believe I am going to pull through. I am a bit worried, however, that I have lost my sense of taste.

Does that ever happen? Can it just go? Poof??

I'm guessing my sense of smell isn't very good yet, either. Perhaps they're traveling together. I haven't yet checked the mailbox for postcards.

Please come back.

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