Friday, April 25, 2008

Finishing up NYC

Wednesday our first stop was a discount camera store where I learned that nothing costs what the box says and that I cannot get a small camera with a view finder. At least, not there. Not if I want a bit of an optical zoom. Since I hadn't done any homework, not expecting to be doing an emergency camera purchase, I just went ahead with this new Nikon. I'm expecting you will all appreciate the tremendous increase in quality of the photographs.

Then we grabbed some lunch and checked out "The Museum of Sex". Here I go again. I am obviously not from your planet. I was expecting there might be a bit broader subject matter than just sex in humans. Where are the birds? the bees? the sex changing fish? My favorite bit was the video clips of instructing transsexual men how to stand, walk, and get into a car like a woman. I keep intending to check myself. Kevin's pretty good at it.

After we took a very long walk up a crowded and noisy street (Broadway) to see the Museum of Comic Art only to learn that it was closed for the week. Sigh. Walked all the way back and caught the train to New Jersey to see Dave, Annabelle and Kimmi. Thank you for the great dinner, breakfast, and putting us up overnight.

We didn't have long to spend in NY on Friday morning. So, we just strolled through Central Park. It was really quite warm. Just a beautiful day. Then, the subway back to Brooklyn where we packed. Said "so long" to Lance then boarded our car for JFK International. I think I've already told you what a pleasure that place was.

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