Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And this should have been the first


At the Brisbane airport. My bag- the new red one- the one that lost one wheel on its fist trip with me to Australia- weighed in at 14.7 kg.
"Is that all?" asked the Qantas man behind the counter.

I am traveling light.

On the flight I was tired but found it hard to let go of the movies to nap. I watched:
"Margot at the Wedding"- probably a smart story with fascinating characters and dialog. I was tired, however, and wanted everyone to SPEAK SLOWLY and LOUDLY. Maybe, I am becoming foreign.
"Gone Baby, Gone" - I thought drama/action might fit my mind better. An OK story that needed 20 min removed. Why, I wonder, make the detective's partner his girlfriend? I guess only so he has to lose her when he makes his choice. Otherwise, she has no role in the story.
"Extended Play". "A hilarious Greek film". I didn't laugh. The concept was interesting, however, and in a shorter drama, I might have really liked it. Initially, I thought the end was wrong. The protagonist should be a new man - ala Jimmy Stewart in "A Wonderful Life"- but now I've changed my mind. It is more real.
Finally, the only film I really enjoyed and actually laughed out loud at- though I didn't finish it- again - "Ten Things I Hate About You". Qantas is having a Heath Ledger love fest and while I'd probably have preferred seeing "The Patriot"- THAT film was over 2 hours long! I fast forwarded through the beginning but still the movie service ended before I did.

Luggage pickup at LAX was a breeze. There are fewer red bags than browny ones. Many fewer with green name tags and only 1 with 1 wheel. Too easy.

Reason 47 I don't like to fly United.
In LAX to enter the "sterile zone" you have to queue OUTSIDE on the walkway across the airport drive! Probably 20 min! Fortunately, the day was warm.

Reason 134 I don't like to fly United.
There are no hotcakes at the McDonald's in the United Terminal...let alone tea or hot water!

Reason #1 I don't like to fly United.

In a week or so, I'm going to sort these blog entries so the dates make some sense. Yes. That is the plan.

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