Saturday, February 07, 2009

Animation entertainment

I've had a bit of a "drawn" week - if you exclude my regular hits of "Battlestar Galactica" - but that's more like having a virus. Anyway, this week we finished Season 2 of "Frisky Dingo" and last night, while Kevin was out, I watched "Bolt".

Hmmmm.... not only animated, but sort of doggy. Sort of. Though,there really are no dogs in "Frisky Dingo" - just a big, white cloven footed alien supervillan, Killface. Very funny albeit heavy on violence. And, easy to watch. Each episode - produced for Comedy Central's Adult Swim - is only about 10 min long. "Frisky Dingo" was one of Kevin's Christmas presents, because I learned about the program in someone's best of 2008 lists. Thus spawned our interest and devotion.

"Bolt". So far, I've enjoyed "Bolt" more than any other (of the two) films I've seen this year ("Slum Dog Millionaire" and "The Wrestler"). I'm a sucker for a dog story and despite the title, "Slum Dog Millionaire" has NO dog. (It's better that I tell you now. In fact, despite what you'll read in every description, I say it is NOT a rags to riches story.) Like other Disney animation, "Bolt" is contrived to pull heartstrings and despite being a grumpy old woman these days and expecting the film to be manipulative in this way, it succeeded. And, that's why it gets my number one vote. Neither of the other two films succeeded in emotionally engaging me. I was repelled by the horrors and abuse suffered in "SDM" but not much warmed by the love story. My interest in and attachment to Mickey Rourke's character was more intellectual than deeply emotional. (Mickey's performance was superb.) All three movies followed predictable paths but only one made me laugh out loud and get misty eyed.

"Bolt" also impressed by the attention to detail displayed by the creators. The pigeons moved like pigeons....and I've watched a lot of pigeons very carefully. Like the vultures in "The Jungle Book" they provide a nice bit of comic relief. I'm not sure why they seem to travel in threes - though the Hollywood pigeons were only SUPPOSED to be a pair, but the assistant, well, you'll find out. Back to detail. I about stood up and applauded when Bolt and Mittens tumble from the train (I think it was) into an Ohio field amongst Queen Anne's lace. One of my favorite wild flowers and so, so typical of ditches and fallow land in the midsummer in Ohio. (I had to turn to google to find a photo. How lame.)

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