Monday, February 09, 2009


In the morning, after finding that Hungry Jacks does do breakfast in Australia (not that we're recommending that!), we set off for the Botanic Garden. Very lovely garden with several large ponds, lots of big water birds (both black AND white ones), a peaceful Japanese garden, several historic buildings/museums (we skipped every one - they weren't open yet) and a cute little train (ditto.)

Very nice.

This was followed by a drive out of town to the Hummock. This is the highest point and only real hill around Bundaberg and is an inactive volcano. This volcano, we were told, is responsible for the predominance of black rocky beaches in the area and the black rocky land that had to be cleared to create fields for sugar cane. (These rocks were piled into stone walls called Kanaka walls after the "indentured servants" (read slaves) from Melanesia who were induced to clear the fields and build the walls and tend the sugar cane. Yes. Slaves in Australia until 1904 when they were largely deported thanks, not to an emancipation proclamation, but to the "White Australia policy".

Hummock. Funny word.

By ten o'clock our Bundaberg adventure was finished (we opted not to do either of the Bundaberg Rum tours) and we headed south...with a short detour to see the Buderim Ginger Factory in Yandina.

Once again, any phots were shot on film. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

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