Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just one reason to be glad you aren't married to me

From photo a day

Did you know there's a right way the silverware goes into the drawer?

You did? Hm. I just learned this, though it is unclear whether I'll remember it.

You see, I've learned one more way my brain is wired totally differently than Kevin's - or perhaps the rest of the human race. I guess when y'all (I try to use that conjunction often here. I think it marks me as American rather than Canadian) put the silverware away you put the spoons in the spoon slot and the knives in the knife slot and the forks... well, you know. On the other hand, I match implements. I put the clean spoon in the slot with the rest of the spoons. Usually, we end up with the same result. But, then there are the times, and they may happen more often in our house where we have the bare minimum number of just about everything, where there are no spoons and no knives left in the drawer. So, there are two or occasionally three empty slots. I just start filling the slots. Each get only one kind of utensil but the spoons may have just leaped from their usual slot on the far left to the center or right. This disturbs Kevin's world view. I'm slowly making him crazy. Well, maybe not slowly.

I think I'm just saving brain space. I still don't know the color of each denomination of Australian currency. It isn't necessary. I can read the numbers. (Wait! Is that two reasons?)

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