Friday, February 06, 2009

Meeting the train

I got home late from work last night. It was after 6:30. Kevin, managed to be even later - catching the 6:37 train and arriving in Carseldine at 7:02. Since I had no ambition with regard to cooking supper, I called for Chinese take away and met Kevin at the train.

As I have embarked on a "photo a day" project (which is harder than it sounds!) and Kevin has grown tired of photos of the sky (which I tell him is always there and I'm enjoying the enormous clouds we've had lately), I took my camera with me. It was growing dark. (Yes. Only half way to the equinox and it is already dark in summer at 7 PM.) My camera doesn't perform well with less than perfect illumination. Still, with the help of Photoshop I think I came up with some interesting images.

I actually did not manipulate the first one: walking up the steps to the train station.

From Meeting the train

Someone waits for the Brisbane Train on Platform One.

From Meeting the train

Kevin's train!

From Meeting the train

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