Friday, May 15, 2009


I received in the mail this week an invitation to my 30th High School Class Reunion. Wow. Totally amazing- though I guess it does seem like a lifetime ago that I was in high school.

I've only gone to 1 class reunion. I missed the 5th year reunion picnic in the park. I missed the 15th or was it 20th year - bowling and karaoke! I missed the 25th that sounds so important. I made it only to the 10th year. At that time I was unemployed and homeless...well, living back at home with my parents. I have to tell you, that makes an almost 30 year old feel grown up!

I don't think I'll make this one, either. Something about traveling internationally for a standard Versailles event dinner - fried chicken, beef and noodles, green beans, mashed potatoes - and going alone. Something about listening to everyone talk about grown children and grandchildren. (Of course, our first grandparent was such at the 15 year reunion. I think this is what you can an overachiever.) I just don't feel like I'm in sync with this - though, I suppose I never felt much in sync with my high school class. Still, there is supposed to be dancing. ("Is $1500 too much to spend for an evening of dancing?" she wonders. Then, she thinks, "But, what sort of music would they play?")

I did have some really good friends and some really good times. And, so, to honor the class of 1979...a slide show from senior year. (That would be year 12 for you Australians.)

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