Sunday, May 03, 2009

Visiting friends

From Singles 2009
I didn't get to see everyone.

My original plan was to attend the continuing education meeting in Athens at the University of Georgia and to see Lisa and Susette in the process. The logistics of doing this, however, were untenable involving a whole lot waiting in airports followed immediately by a hurried drive from Fayetteville, NC to Athens with little time for stopping in Charlotte.

I did get to see Tim and Flavio, Nan, Sandra, Christine and Nina, Sharon, Barb. Plus, I had time in Cleveland for gaming with (Kevin and) The Games Project including old friends Greg, Erin, Officer Mike. Big THANK YOU to Greg and Steve and Georgia for putting us up in Cleveland and Columbus!

For Kevin in particular our Ohio visit featured the "Gathering of Friends". Games. Games. Games. For 10 days. It was great to see Ken and Gail, Ken, and Erin.

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