Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick! Lets finish April!

I flew back to Australia with my mother and my auntie in tow. Our flight from Dayton was delayed which caused us to miss our connection from Atlanta to LA. Fortunately, my dear husband had put the fear of missed connections in my mind, and so I had booked us an outrageously early flight from Dayton - which allowed us to catch a later flight from Atlanta and still have way too much time to lounge around LAX. Our flight back was great. The plane was under-consumed which meant that we all had 3 seats to ourselves to spread out on. Unfortunately, this was a flight in "The Twilight Zone" and the opportunity to watch movies was predicated on paying $14 AU. (This wasn't true for Kevin when he came home. In fact, the staff on his flight didn't understand why he thought that anyone would ever have to pay. Perhaps, he should have mentioned something about William Shatner seeing something on a wing...)

My guests had a pretty modest list of things they wanted to do. Sit on the couch (which they bought for themselves) with Zelda and visit the Brisbane sites they'd seen last time: Alma Park Zoo, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Australia Zoo. I added a visit to Ikea, the clock tower in Brisbane City Hall, Mt. Coot-tha, the Glasshouse Mountains and the GOMA. I hated having to work so much while they were here, but it was great to come home to people - especially people who have fixed supper.

My mother's neighbor and friend, Dixie, had sent along a small, toy bunny with the instruction that we were to take him everywhere. And, photograph him. We did. You'll see.

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