Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We are famous!!

From Singles 2009

or soon to be...

Each week we receive an online newsletter about what's happening in Brisbane. On Friday one of the featured events was the Pet Photo Booth Project. Zelda and I were of one mind.

We had to be there!

Fortunately, they had an opening. Saturday at 4 PM.

Saturday was CONSUMED with preparation for this! Zelda had to get an embarrassing Ann-cut and a bath. Kevin and I debated whether to wear our "Ned Kelly" masks, or black droopy dog ears, or our red and black face masks, or our Australian flag masks or... I must say, the stress got to be a bit much for me. I can be very, very silly.

We ended up just wearing shirts and ties. (I had suggested we wear bridal gowns, but the practicality of finding gowns, especially a gown that would fit Kevin - and then drugging him to the extent I could dress him in it and yet he could stand for a photo shoot...)

The photographer's first question - whose dog is it? left us a bit confused. Zelda is our dog. Yes, I had her first (before I had Kevin) but Zelda likes Kevin more. Seems they have had issues where the couple photographed with a pet have later broken up and then there has been some sort of unpleasantness about the image uniting them in perpetuity. (What is it with Australians and their breakups? These are the folks who do library damage and photo-pick-up mischief to each other!) As a consequence, they took several photos of the three of us and then more of just Zelda and me. (Later I wondered if the problem arose because Kevin and I sport different last names. If we'd been in wedding gowns, this never would have come up, I'm sure. They'd have been speechless - it would have been that cool.)

In another 4 to 6 weeks we are hoping to receive a copy, a digital copy, of a photo from the shoot. Some of these photos will be collected in a book - and we hope Zelda makes the cut - with both of us.

Our background - cactus in the desert.

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