Sunday, May 03, 2009


From Phoenix - March 2009
Sounds like I'm surprised, doesn't it?

American Animal Hospital Association.

National meeting in Phoenix.

I was there, at the Convention Center (gee, its nice to not have that "e" dangling on the edge of the word) by 9 AM. I registered, attended an introductory meeting, then walked back to the hotel and took a nap.

The meeting ran from Thursday through Sunday -sometimes starting with a breakfast meeting at 7 or 8 AM and ending with a two hour evening session at 6 PM. I went the distance. It was very good. (Why is it that the first days lectures always seem to be the best? Is it a function of novelty? or fatigue? Hmmmm.)

My hotel was a little more than a mile from the Convention Center which is a very nice walk in the morning sunshine. (It is a bit long and chill in the evening. Twice I elected to take the train, instead.) The walk took me past the oldest church in Phoenix - St. Mary's Basilica, along the Arizona Center (very nice garden and good places to eat), and through ASU (which in my jet lagged state I thought was pretty cool to see was USA backwards.) Beautiful sunny days. Beautiful blue sky. Spring.

Once upon a time we thought we'd live in Phoenix. I even studied up and passed the state veterinary exam. I interviewed in several clinics, but ultimately decided that I'd be happier being nearer my family. (This was when my father was in the middle of his battle with colon cancer.) We moved, instead, to Cleveland. Anyway, I look at Phoenix now like a short-lived romance and wonder where we'd be had we chosen differently. Probably not Brisbane.

My most embarrassing moment occurred while eating out at "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant" the first evening. Sitting outside. Beautiful evening. The waitress is asking me what I'd like when I hear this WHOOSH!!! behind me and I scream a little and lunge forward throwing myself on the table. In my mind there was a tidal wave about to wipe over me. In reality, a waiter had lit some sort of flaming dish. I laughed all evening. I'm guessing the employees there laughed even longer.

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