Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Zealand - February 16 - Abel Tasman National Park

On Tuesday we got up, ate breakfast at McDonald's (it is important to eat at McDonald's at least once in every country - it is a little known requirement ex-pats need to maintain their American citizenship). After, we moseyed down the road to the Abel Tasman National Park.

New Zealand has a list of what are considered "great walks". These are great in both breathtaking scenery and length. One such walk is in the Abel-Tasman park. Kevin had identified a short section of the track that is supposed to be both typical and lovely - a 2 to 3 hour hike between Bark Bay and Torrent Bay. Unfortunately, you can't actually get to Bark Bay or Torrent Bay by land. We needed a water taxi and the morning run had just left.

So, we followed the suggestion provided by the woman working at the "taxi station" and drove out to then hiked down to see the big, broken rock - Split Apple Rock. As you see in the photo, New Zealand was maintaining its ban on sunshine during the first portion (two-thirds) of the day.
From New Zealand

The water taxi ride - a trip of about 40 min - was great! We had THE dolphin experience of our lives. A pod of half of dozen or more dolphins, including one or two calves, followed our boat along for several minutes. I was so excited I forgot how to set my camera on continuous shooting. Still, I think it speaks to just how close and how long we traveled together, I got a couple good photographs. Well, I liked them OK.
From New Zealand

The walk, as advertised, was great - along the coast and through the forest. Before it ended the sun emerged. Perfect!
From New Zealand

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