Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Zealand - February 17 - Wharariki Beach

From New Zealand
Our next stop on our tour of the spit was Wharaniki Beach. What a fabulous hike! Yet another set of steps skirting fencing and then a narrow trail across rolling pasture land. (It is here Kevin first used the phrase "commonplace grandeur".) As we neared the coast, the trail turned to sand. Then, sand, dunes, wind, rocks, waves! It is here we spot our first seal - napping on a rock ledge.

Being very excited about our "find" we told a family we'd passed who had made the trek with 2 young children. "Over there. On a rock across the inlet. Seal." They were not suitably impressed. I'm not even sure they walked over to look.

We also enjoyed the sea weed. (We are simple folk.)

We brought a lot back from Wharariki Beach. A lot of sand. Really. A lot. Even after stopping and emptying my shoes on the beach then when we got back to the car. We were carrying my own little dunes inside our socks!

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