Friday, March 12, 2010

New Zealand - February 17 - Cape Farewell

From New Zealand
Our final stop on the Farewell Spit - Cape Farewell - The northernmost point on the South Island - but you knew that. Kevin's a big fan of superlatives. I think it because he's such a tall person with a freakishly large head.
From New Zealand

Another walk through pasture ending not at a beach but at a cliff. (Stay behind the safety railing! Hold onto children lest they be blown off!) Sheep. Seals. Waves. And, the introduction of .... rain.
From New Zealand


Linda Rice said...

Your pictures are terrific! What an exciting life you two lead!
Love, Mom Linda

NNV said...

Thanks Linda. I was very pleased we were able to have breakfast. I hope your cold is on the mend.