Monday, September 07, 2009


Once again, I am probably the last to know... they've remade "Fame". I think I've seen this movie more times than any other film. It certainly spoke to me in 1980. And, watching this scene from graduation (I'm undoubtedly ruining the ending for someone), I get goosebumps again.

And, in time, we will all be stars!


Scrapperdee said...

You probably aren't the last to know - its just because of where you live.

In north america, those that watched "So you think you can dance-USA" saw clips from it during the show and one of the contestants from SYTYCD is in it.

If it wasn't for that show, I wouldn't know about it either.

NNV said...

I just saw the numbers from RottenTomatoes. I think I'll just rewatch the original.