Thursday, September 24, 2009

You've definitely waited too long!

From photo a day

No one, I repeat, no one took me up on the clean floor and now Brisbane has had a torrential dust storm! EVERYTHING has a fine layer of grit.

It was fascinating to watch the sky turn red. I was at work and initially my nurses thought maybe there was a fire. I checked for a nuclear bomb or red zombie plague. No. Dust. Rob called and said it was blowing across the country. It had been closing down Sydney airport earlier in the morning. Per Scrabblet - the news reported "the wind moved 16,000 tonnes of dust per hour." And, I'm quite sure she is correct that the news would have reported tonnes. She is also responsible for this link with some fabulous photos of Brisbane during the red blow.

I did have a break for lunch so went home and closed the windows. Too late, however, for that floor eating project. My photos, shot quickly around home, are not so exciting. It helps to have bridges and rivers and skyscrapers as subjects.

From photo a day

Red sky all day.

At night as we were leaving I mentioned to Kayla that in the dark you can no longer see the dust. So, she pointed up to the street light where there was a haze of particulate matter blowing.

I told her that sometimes snow looks like that. She thought that was cool.

No pun was intended, I'm sure.

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