Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thoughts on Cyber-Living - Photos

Photo Statistics.

I've recently discovered that both Picasa and Photobucket collect stats on view of photographs held on their sites. I find this fascinating. Especially the stats from Photobucket since it has been months, nay, years since I have added anything beyond a few videos. (I don't know how to do that on picasa.) Anyway, there are still people looking at those Photobucket photos and the images they are fascinated by boggle me. In particular - there are people seeking out my slide show of the kootie catcher I made - just to see that I still could. And, even stranger, the slide show of the washed versus brushed potatoes at the grocery store. The slide show that consistently get the highest hits is a series of color variations of a graffiti image I posted for the Queen's Birthday a couple of years ago. Photobucket tells me that these viewers are viewing these photos from either Photobucket or Blogger (those are easy to understand) or "other". I'd have to pay them $$ to become a Pro user to learn about what "other" sites have my photos and to learn about more than the 5 most viewed photos/slide shows each week/month. I can't justify that. Especially since I'm not using Photobucket much anymore. (If you've seen my photos somewhere else, I'd be keen to know.)

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