Tuesday, September 15, 2009


From Singles 2009

Well, it's official. I am not a winner in the Small World game design competition. Don't ask me how that could have happened. Who would NOT want to play with Cursing Mummies? or, better yet... a race of Pizza Delivery Boys. Must have been some sort of mix up.

Or, perhaps, the judges have heard that I don't actually like the game that much. I just haven't gotten my mind around it and unfortunately in my last two plays of it there's been a player in each game who, even though I was CLEARLY in last place, decided to REPEATEDLY pummel me. Just not fun. Maybe if I had a pizza, however...

Anyway, if YOU are a Small World fan and if you are intrigued, I'll give you the details. You'll be responsible for your own artwork, however.

Mummies - While active if mummies are attacked they curse their opponent who must then remove one of his tokens from the game.

Pizza Delivery Boys - At the end of each of their turns, the PDB's deliver a (single) pizza to an opponent on an adjacent territory. The tokens on that territory cannot be moved during the next turn. They're too busy eating pizza to participate in any further attacks.

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