Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas with Kevin

From Christmas/Brisbane

I flew back to Brisbane on the 26th. That's not completely accurate. I left the US on the 26th and arrived on the 28th. I lost the 27th, which is our wedding anniversary. So, I figure Kevin has now been married a year longer than I have. At least he's had more anniversaries. (While Kevin acknowledges this as an interesting observation, he tells me "It is going to get pretty old." I think he expects I'll be retelling this story for the rest of our lives. As if.)

The flight was on time. There were extra seats on the plane to Australia so the middle seat was empty next to me. This is all good.

Kevin and Zelda and I enjoyed our little family Christmas. Kevin "teched me out" with a speaker for my computer and my own back-up drive, already backed up. I brought Kevin a metric ton of Reece's peanut butter as well as what EVERY holiday season needs, a light up, screaming Godzilla ornament. (There were shirts, too, and a super-fabulous gift which accidentally got left behind. Really.) Zelda got a new nylabone. She'd lost hers at the Pine's Resort and has been suffering since. And, her own Christmas stocking (from Dixie).

Then, it was back to work for me. Kevin and Zelda are still celebrating through this week. Lucky dogs.

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