Sunday, January 18, 2009

Suggestion for all photographers in Japan

Today, as I do too often, I stopped at the Sushi Train for a bite. It used to be I justified these visits by focusing on the fact that the green tea was FREE. Yep. I might be buying $8 of sushi, but I was SAVING at least $3.20 on tea. Now, they've started charging for the tea: $1. It is still the biggest bargain at Chermside, but free is much more compelling.

Anyway, today on their video screen they were projecting some sort of program about a festival in Japan which involved a lot of drumming by both men and women in shorts. (I don't have any idea what the festival is/was. The soundtrack of the program was turned off in favor of some incessant techno-pop muzak... and even if it hadn't been, it would have most likely been in Japanese. I would have enjoyed hearing the drumming, however.) It didn't take long for me to recognize a fact that every photographer in Japan should learn. Japanese people are not flattered by wide angle lenses.

I'm not sure that any people are. Not me, I'm sure. Maybe those tall Africans who speak the clicking language.

And, now for a bit of Japanese drumming. Kodo. I feel pretty cool because I saw them perform at the American Dance Festival in Durham WAY back when I was a student - the first or second or third time.

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