Thursday, January 01, 2009

The last post of Christmas 2009

A collection of Christmas lights from downtown in both my homes. I don't suppose you'll have much trouble differentiating Versailles from Brisbane.

Things to note:

You can easily see the chicken that is stenciled on the street in Versailles. That's not the only chicken stencil. They are all over. Versailles is, as you may recall, the poultry and egg hub of the midwest and home of Poultry Days in June. Each June the chicken stencils get topped up. I'm amazed at how well they've held up this year.

While I think the angels in Brisbane are beautiful, the ones that don't carry banners have the look of young girls waiting to use the restroom. What to do with angel hands? Must be a problem for sculptors. And, is it a sin to photograph up an angel's skirt?

The reindeer are pretty. Too bad they need a barrier to keep them from flying off.

The final lights came from the Christmas evening sky. No help needed.

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