Thursday, January 29, 2009

On The Beach 2009

Friday my alarm went off at 3 AM.


I have been getting up earlier, like 5 AM, so I can get something done at home. By the time I'm home from work, I'm too tired to enjoy doing something - anything - except mindlessly stroke the dog while zoning out watching Season 3 of "Battlestar Galactica". (I used to only have energy for Season 2 of "Battlestar". Is this an improvement, I wonder?) And, one day I got up at 4 AM. But, never have I chosen 3 AM.

Anyway, I needed to get up EXTRA EARLY so I could make my flight at 5:30 AM. (Translation: flight at 5:30 AM; must be checked in by 4:30, maybe 4:45; must get to airport by taxi who may or may not arrive on schedule - give self 40 min. That's minimally a 4 AM departure. Add shower. Add breakfast. Add verify packing is complete.)

I flew to Canberra where Kevin picked me up and drove me south about 2.5 hours to a little chalet outside Jindabyne where OTB gaming commenced about a week earlier. Jindabyne. I knew ALL about Jindabyne. I saw the movie!

From photo a day

But, maybe you didn't. Little NSW town in the Snowy Mountains. Big man made lake. Old town underneath water. Dead black woman in the river.

The last part, I think that's optional.

Friday in (well, outside of) Jindabyne on Mt. Crackenback, I took a nap.

Then, performed an uninspired job as Brendon's partner in my favorite game, "Time's Up!".


Saturday we drove back to Canberra to partake in a taste of the 2009 Australian Games Expo/CanCon.

Sunday - Gaming - for real - at the chalet including Tichu and - Battlestar Galactica. (I just can't get away from this! I got to be Gaius and Kevin was Adama. I was President. He was Admiral. And, we were both Cylons. We beat the humans. I think they starved to death.)

From photo a day

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