Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too little, too late

I'm not sure why I persist with this notion that if Kevin were not at home I would live a clean and tidy life, my blog would be updated daily, I would eat 5 servings of fresh vegetables every day, and be an exercising fool. It never happens that way. Never. Instead, I miss Kevin and I gorge on "Battlestar Galactica". The dog doesn't even get walked. I am pathetic.

As you may have guessed Kevin has been gone for the past 2 weeks. (I recognize you've guessed this from the first paragraph and NOT from the 14 new clever blog entries you've just read. I possess a modicum of self-awareness or at least an awareness of my surroundings and, um, the past.) He's been in NSW playing games "On the Beach". This year it was in Jindabyne, so I guess the beach is literally man made with real houses under the waves. He's home now - hence the new entry and the freshly cut grass and the pizza waiting to be baked. The other good news - the car came home with him. The Red Dragon with co-pilot Michael Jackson made the trip - which must have been about 12 + 4 + 2.5 hours long without incident!

I DID get out of the house to have fun once while he was gone. I went to the Cultural Centre - by way of the WRONG train connection - and took in the new exhibits at the Art Museum. Oh, and I bought some groceries and a new tea pot. Below: a glimpse of my weekend as Bachelorette #1. I love the last shot. I don't know the story behind who dropped this on the footpath crossing the Brisbane River - but I'm guessing they had a bit more of a wild time than I did.

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