Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tomorrow is Ekka Day. Ekka is Australian for Exposition which is Australian for "The State Fair". Around here (to Kevin and I) Ekka Day is known as "the last holiday until Christmas". What sort of country does something like this??? Surely, there is some historic figure with a birthday or a landing or a discovery that would warrant a day off - say, in October? Kevin and I need to lobby for a holiday situation like my cousin Steve has in South Carolina- where they (state employees) take off not only for national holidays but for all the Confederate holidays, as well. The 4th of July, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving at a minimum. Deluxe package to include Memorial Day, Labor Day (I'll even spell it with a "u", it that would help) and Martin Luther King Day.

Anyway, tomorrow - you'll never guess- Kevin is celebrating with a Big Gaming Event.

We spent last Sunday at "The Exposition". Three hours before the crush of humanity got to be overwhelming. That was enough time to take in my "must sees": a quick run through some of the animal barns, the dog show, the produce and flower displays, and the fine arts competition. We missed the midway and the "man-cutting-wood-with-axe" competition. And, the show bags.

Showbags. They are quite the tradition here. A showbag is a plastic shopping bag filled with stuff- like samples of chips and a ball cap, or six candy bars and a training bra. Honest to god, they fill an entire page in the newspaper with descriptions of all the show bags that will be available FOR PURCHASE. I'm trying to make sense of them- I think that "Christmas stocking" is perhaps more accurate a description than "Halloween bag" - though I suspect that it is the absence of a candy orgy in October that created the emptiness of the soul that showbags fill. A very clever merchandising scheme, Australians get hooked on "Power Ranger" bags as kids... and find as they mature- there is always a showbag designed for them. "My Pretty Pony" gives way to "Perfume" samples. "Ninja Turtles" to "Footie team with beer". Maybe I sound bitter. Maybe I need a little showbag in my life. What would that be.... "Muscle relaxant + Estrogen". Sign me up.

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