Thursday, August 21, 2008

From "The Star"

We had a really slow morning yesterday. This gave me ample opportunity to read the local paper, "The Star". I don't usually do this. If I did, I'd have probably known what PCYC care was and would not have read the article "Parents urged to book PCYC care". It never is defined though the implication is that it is some sort of day camp for kids during their school break. The list of activities excited me, however.

"We offer a wide range of organised sport and recreation activities which include art and craft, cooking, martial arts, indoor and outdoor games as well as exciting excursions and incursions."

Hmmmm. Incursions. A sortie into New South Wales? A foray into Figi? An attack on Aukland?

Obviously the choice of page with an article on Vietnam veterans and land mines in S.E. Asia was appropriate!

So, a little Sinead. Incursions to follow the cookies and milk break.

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