Friday, August 15, 2008


It is no longer EKKA day. Something just as special. My day off. And, while I need to get a birthday card ready for my Uncle Carroll and prepare Christine's and Nan's gifts to mail, I am instead playing with Photoshop and writing up- or at least planning to write up- our recent EKKA EKKsperience.

We went on Sunday. My goal was to beat the crowds and go early. Alas, we are not good at beating crowds. Kevin was frustrated that he only bought a ticket to the city and not a week-long pass to the city...until he was boarding the train and remembered. He would have been really miffed if he'd purchased the pass because he only had to go into work on Monday. Providence. Its not just in Rhode Island.

After a prolonged wait on the sidewalk - no- footpath outside the entrance, we approached the small rectangular hole cut into the 10 inch deep cement wall and bought our EKKA tickets. $22. That seems really expensive for entrance to a fair. I tried to check the price for entrance to the Ohio State Fair for comparison, but as the fair has closed for the year, that information is no longer available.

I've already reviewed the highlights for you. This is just to provide the visual log - not to be confused with the auditory log that WOULD hear if a tree fell in the forest. I've tried something new- and posted the comments about the photos as titles. You may have to replay- I cannot figure out how to increase the amount of time that each photo is displayed.

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