Saturday, August 02, 2008

The weekly word

One day two weeks ago when I had the day off, Rob and Kayla came up with the idea that we would all start enhancing our vocabulary. Each week we would each bring a new word into the clinic to share. The word was supposed to be something you've encountered but didn't really know. You'd look that up then educate everyone.

My first word was halcyon (peaceful or heavenly). Last week it was alliteration. I cheated with that word. I already knew it. Thanks, Tim.

But, this is not a story of my words. This is a story of Rob's word. Rob's word for next week.

First, an aside. Rob and Di crack me up. They cannot contain themselves. I wanted to write that they cannot keep a secret- but that may be an exaggeration. They certainly can't keep their next word to themselves until the day of the unveiling. With Di, it went like this.

"You won't get it. My word is oology"

Ann sez "The study of eggs". (It really helps to learn a bit of Latin when embarking on a career in a medical science.)


Back to the story.

Rob tells me today that he's got his word ready for next week. He's got a big smile. He likes this word and he's hoping he has a word I don't know.

"It's querulous". (See, I told you. They can't keep it in.)

"Argumentative." I said.

"Not quite," he corrected. "It means to be argumentative about trivial matters."

To which Kevin adds- "They say Americans don't understand irony."


Cathi said...

I laughed out loud when I read this :) always love your blog

NNV said...

Thanks, Cathi. I'm so glad I could make you laugh.