Monday, August 18, 2008

My Monday Off

It has a nice ring to it! I think I should say it more often...

I'm having a great time. I called my friend, Christine, and learned she's having a baby girl. Then, I mailed off a gift to her- which I had purchased weeks ago. It isn't very girly - but I don't think Christine will mind. I then did a little shopping. I bought a picture to hang in the kitchen. I couldn't turn it down. It was marked down from $140 to $30. Now, I need to rig up something so it hangs a bit lower. Kevin won't mind it. His "eye level" is ringed with clouds. I also picked up a small palm tree. I keep looking for something Zelda will feel is meditation worthy. And, two Mexican sage plants. They were some of my favorite sages in NC. Rapidly growing with big, purple, fuzzy flowers. I also bought a couple of cards. (I better write Uncle Carroll's after I finish here.) I stopped in at a pet store that is going out of buisness and enquired about purchasing a fully set up aquarium. They have 8 to 10 that will be available after the 8th of September. I have the perfect spot...except for a lack of POWER. Maybe I could run a cord from the bedroom. Now, it is time to finish Kevin's birthday gift, pull the meat off the ham hock I cooked yesterday, and bake my molasses cookies.

Nowhere here have you seen the words vacuum, laundry, or iron.

All is good.

In celebration- a little love ballad. I found this yesterday while I was stumbling around youtube. It is a much younger George Benson. Much younger and sweatier. Enjoy.

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